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Have you ever looked at your trees, and they look a little shaggy and all over the place?

If so, you are not alone.

Most trees in Chandler hire professionals for Chandler tree trimming.

It may seem easy to get a shear and do the work, but there are quite a few considerations when trimming a tree.

We know you want to trim your tree. Hence, we will give you reasons why you should do it – with a professional.

Hanging Branches

Branches hanging over the tree can fall anytime, which might fall into your roof or to a person walking by.

Especially if your area has recently experienced heavy winds, hanging branches are frequent.

For this reason, call for a tree trimming service such as ClearWay Tree Services Phoenix.

We’ll make sure to get rid of the branches and trim your tree no matter what species it belongs to.

Excessive Growth of Branches

A tree’s genetics and the ability to respond to the environment, determine the density of branch wood.

One example is in areas with low light exposure; trees grow to get more sunlight.

Once the branches grow longer or thicker, they must be trimmed so they won’t get caught in strong winds in the future.

Weak-Looking Branches

Weak branches can fall on the ground anytime, hitting a car or getting struck on electrical wires.

This can be dangerous, so if you notice your branches are weak, cut them off.

 Dead Limbs

Trees are prone to diseases and infection, causing their limbs to die quickly.

Other causes for dead limbs include pest infestation.

These pests live in the wood and consume the limbs.

As a result, it could kill the tree eventually.

Whether the limbs of your tree are affected by pests or infection, you need to eliminate them.

If left untreated, the affected areas could propagate to other trees.

Abnormal Growth

Before you even move to your current house, the trees are already likely there.

You may not have been there throughout their lives, but it’s your responsibility to monitor them once you own the property.

If you see unusual growth between the trees, cut it off as much as possible.

The unusual development of branches can lead to leaning trees that might fall off soon.

Dense Trees

If a tree is growing healthy and strong, there is a chance that the branches and leaves can become too dense.

If this happens to your tree, know that it is dangerous, especially during winds or storms.

During these seasons, the thick branches might fall off into your home or anyone passing along the area.

Once you don’t see through the branches, it’s time to call us for a local tree trimming service in Chandler.

Cracks in the Bark

Cracks in the bark indicate that there’s something wrong with your tree.

This means a disease or pest infestation.

If you keep it as it is, the tree will die, which will prompt you to use a tree removal service.

The quick fix is to prune the branches with the cracks.

This will make your tree bounce back to how it was before – healthy and alive.

How To Trim Your Trees Properly

Proper trimming is more than just acquiring the right tools and techniques.

Many of us could use the chainsaw to cut any branches.

However, it’s not the best approach to trim your tree.

Besides, power tools such as chainsaws are overkill.

Moreover, handy tools such as shears are better as long as they are sharp enough to cut the branches.

Otherwise, use thinning cuts to have a more open canopy that allows sunlight to penetrate your property.

In addition, watch this video on how to trim your tree.

Reach Out to ClearWay Tree Services Phoenix for a Tree Trimming!

Now that you’ve decided to make your tree look spectacular, it’s time to call a professional arborist to have a tree trimming service.

We at ClearWay Tree Services Phoenix know what techniques to use and what branches to remove so you can have the best-looking and healthiest tree.

We understand that the process of trimming can be intimidating and nerve-wracking, especially if you have a tall tree.

For this reason, don’t hesitate to schedule a Chandler tree trimming. Reach out to us for tree trimming and tree removal. Call us!

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