Emergency Tree Removal

Emergency Tree Removal Service in Phoenix

If your tree has recently fallen, there’s a high chance that it will damage the property.

A fallen tree can crash through your windows, roofs, vehicle, yard, and more.

When a tree falls, it’s essential to have it removed right away.

For an emergency tree removal service, count on ClearWay Tree Services Phoenix.

We respond to emergency requests any time of the year.

Call us if you need a tree service in Phoenix.

Fast and Reliable Tree Removal Service in Phoenix

It is necessary to remove large parts of a tree as it can threaten your property and livelihood.

A tree fall usually happens due to extreme weather conditions or storms that break tree limbs.

This is a hazard since everyone within the area is vulnerable to death or injury.

Because of this, an emergency tree removal service is required if you observe the tree is about to fall.

Besides, only professionals can perform such a heavy task since we’re dealing with heavy objects – such as trees.

Signs You Need Our Tree Removal Service

It is not always easy to encounter a fallen tree or a tree that is about to fall.

We tend to panic right away since it could damage our property and our livelihood.

Because of this, we will round up some signs when a tree needs to be taken care of right away:

Abnormal Leaning

The first and obvious sign that your tree needs removal is if it leans too much.

A rule of thumb is if the tree is leaning about 15% from vertical, it needs to be removed immediately.

Watch this video for in-depth details about how to spot a leaning tree.

Decayed Roots

If you spot any root decay or damage, it’s essential to call us right away.

The root serves as the foundation and support system of the tree.

If there is damage to the roots, they could easily fall off during strong wind or storm.

Fungus Found at the Roots

Fungus might not happen always, but if it grows at the tree’s base, it means there’s a sign of root disease or internal rot.

To make sure that the mushrooms are not the effect of internal rot, allow us to evaluate the tree and the roots.

In this way, we can conclude if there is a need for tree removal.

Near the Power Lines

There should be ample space between the trees and power lines.

If not, the electricity generated from the power lines during rainy weather can ground up the tree.

As a result, it could damage the tree.

Don’t attempt to trim or prune the damaged trees.

Our arborists have extensive training to ensure we perform tree trimming correctly.

Branches are Dead

There are two things to consider when encountering dead branches. These are:

  1. Remove the dead branches right away. A strong wind or storm could send them crashing into your house.
  2. If the dead branches are located at one side of the tree, it indicates a structural problem of the tree. The balance can be compromised, which makes it dangerous.

Hollow Trunk

The outside portion of the tree lives more extended than the inside of the trunk.

However, if there’s a hollow inside, the tree could fall off anytime.

A good rule of thumb is if the area of the hollow is one-third of the trunk, remove the tree.

Damage on the Trunk

Cavities and cracks or large pieces of missing bark found in the trunk indicate that the tree is not structurally sound.

To make sure there is damage to the trunk, let us inspect the trunk and tree.

From there, we will decide if it’s time to remove it.

Call us for a Tree Service in Phoenix!

Whenever you face signs in a tree beside your house, it’s better to call a reliable arborist in Phoenix, such as ClearWay Tree Services Phoenix.

Our friendly and responsive staff will cater to your concerns any time of the day, especially during emergencies.

We are here to serve you anytime.

Whether you need a tree service such as tree removal or tree trimming, you can count us.

Besides, it’s better to keep the people in the area, the property, and your belongings safe from a fallen tree.

Our passionate team of arborists will arrive at your house to keep you safe. Call us now!

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