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Stump Grinding Service in Phoenix

During a tree removal operation, an arborist will usually suggest grinding out the stump in the ground.

Now you’re wondering, should you opt for stump grinding?

Do you need one?

What exactly is a stump grinding?

Therefore, we discuss what you need to know about stump grinding and the reasons why you need it.

Definition of Stump Grinding

Stump grinding means grinding a tree stump.

The process involves shaving down the truck an inch below the soil or even more.

Homeowners mainly choose it because this process saves time and money.

However, it is not a DIY project.

It is a process done by professional arborists using heavy machinery called a stump grinder.

It is powered by petrol, a steel cutting wheel, and a hydraulic controlled arm.

Since stump grinding involves intensive processes and heavy equipment, only professionals can do this job.

Why Avail a Stump Grinding Service?

A tree removal service often comes with a stump grinding service, especially if you have a property with a tree stump.

So if you’re wondering why you need a tree stump service, these are the reasons why:

Stumps are Hazardous

Having a stump on your lawn is hazardous.

If kids are playing on the lawn, there’s a high chance that some kids will trip over the stump, leading to injury.

In addition to being hazardous to kids playing on the lawn, a stump can also be a hazard to lawn equipment.

Stumps enable tree growth.

A tree stump can cause small trees to grow from it.

Since it’s growing, the newly sprouted trees will pull nutrients from the areas of the landscape.

Tree stumps are not appealing.

Tree stumps are no doubt kill the visual appeal of any landscape.

The sight of it is not appealing, which makes a landscape not worth looking into.

In short, tree stumps are ugly. When they are left to rot, the beautiful landscape you’re taking care of can look shabby.

This is why homeowners choose to remove tree stumps before they attempt to sell their property.

Ensure to spruce up your property and call a tree removal service such as ClearWay Tree Services Phoenix.

We will remove the stump in your property so you can plant a new plant or tree without any problems.

Tree stumps attract insects.

Leaving a tree stump in an area will decay over time.

When there’s a decayed stump, insects such as beetles, ants, or termites will flock the stump.

Prevent Pest Infestation and Rotting

Removing a tree stump is recommended to avoid decay, mold, and pests.

Over time, these tree stumps could attract crawling insects and spread diseases.

After all, nobody wants termites, beetles, ants, and other wood-loving insects crawling into their property.

It can also invite toxic fungi that could affect pets and small kids.

Moreover, if the stump gets infested, it will affect the nearby flowers, plants, and trees.

The roots of the stump, when neglected in an area, can be invasive and aggressive.

It could also harm sidewalks, sewer pipes, and other structural foundations.

For this reason, make sure to remove the stump to prevent plumbing emergencies from getting rid of them.

Removing Stumps Free Up the Space

A tree stump gets in the way if you plan to have a new and exciting landscaping project.

After all, removing it will allow you to explore designs for your lawn.

You can place a fire pit or a jacuzzi in the area where the tree stump was.

If you don’t remove the tree stump, it can lead to a significant hazard to your children playing in the yard.

Make sure to get rid of tree stumps before someone gets injured.

Why Choose ClearWay Tree Services Phoenix?

Stump grinding may look simple, but it is a complex job.

To have an idea, you can watch this video on how professionals do it.

Moreover, yhere are types of wood that are easy to grind, while others are tough.

Because of this, it’s better to leave the stump grinding job to a professional.

Hence, if you want a stump removal in Phoenix, look no further than ClearWay Tree Services.

We provide top-notch service, reasonable prices, responsive communication, and environmentally friendly services.

With ClearWay, you can expect a seamless and swift tree removal experience.

We offer professional recommendations to treat each landscape with exceptional care and craftsmanship.

We also guarantee to perform our job that goes beyond your expectations.

Alongside this, our professionals will ensure that:

  1. Our machinery and equipment won’t damage the sewer lines, utility lines, and surrounding vegetation
  2. The roots won’t threaten plumbing and electrical infrastructure
  3. We use the correct equipment according to the type of tree stump
  4. Your soil is replenished sufficiently to avoid sinkholes from forming

Having a stump damages the look of your property. Call ClearWay Tree Services Phoenix for a stump removal!

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