Cactus Removal

Need Cactus Removal Services?

Cactus in Phoenix can grow enormous and heavy, which results in damage to property or injure people if they fall.

Moreover, certain types of cactus are very undesirable if there are children and pets.

Some of them are barrel cactus, prickly pear cactus, and saguaro cactus.

These cacti can become unstable that could threaten those around them.

If you have a giant cactus near your home, it’s essential to have them removed by a professional cactus removal team.

After all, they are heavy and dangerous to remove without using the proper tools and training.

If you’re in Phoenix, you’re in luck.

ClearWay Tree Services Phoenix has the right skills, training, and tools to remove the cactus on your property.

We do our job quickly and efficiently to prevent you from injury caused by giant cactus.

We are licensed and insured to ensure peace of mind for our customers during the cactus removal process.

Call our team in Phoenix for cactus removal!

On the other hand, we will discuss why you need to remove a cactus in your home in this guide.

Why is it Necessary to Remove Cactus?

Growing cactus in our yard can improve the look of your property.

However, certain cacti such as saguaro, prickly pear, and barrel grow very large.

They grow large, especially if they are near an irrigation system that supplies water to them.

To know more about why you need to remove the cactus, read more and discuss each of them.

Rotten Cactus

If you have a cactus on your property, don’t be surprised if it rots.

While a cactus is durable and low maintenance, it is susceptible to bacteria, fungal disease, and insects such as whitefly.

You know when a cactus rots when it gets mushy or soft. Make sure you call ClearWay Tree Services Phoenix to remove the rotten cactus in your area.

Pests & Diseases

Some diseases could kill a cactus, such as Bacterial Necrosis.

This will require cactus removal, especially if your cactus is beyond saving.

In addition, some pest infestations such as those presented in this video will also leave it too sick or damaged to treat.

Because of this, some of us may not have realized that the cactus is suffering until it is too late to save it.

Thus, you need to have it removed by our team for your safety.

Unstable Cactus

Cactus grows in arid and desert areas that require less watering.

However, when they grow in residential and commercial areas, they will absorb more water.

This could make the cactus grow much quicker, leading to instability of the root relative to its size.

Causes Danger to Pets, People, and Property

As we have mentioned earlier, the cactus enhances the look of every landscape.

However, as it becomes too large, it will affect those people living near it.

In addition, these types of cacti will grow large until the roots cannot support them, causing them to lean on one side.

If overgrown, a leaning cactus could crash down to the ground.

As a result, it could inflict injuries on someone on the way or even damage some parts of your property.

In short, overgrown cactus is an alarming situation.

For this reason, you have to remove the cactus from your yard.

However, we don’t recommend removing the cactus on your own because it can cause injury to you because of its nature.

It’s better to call for professional help so your safety won’t be compromised.

Why Choose ClearWay Tree Services Phoenix for Cactus Removal?

Now that you know why you should remove the cactus in your area, especially if it’s too big and infested with disease, it’s time to call a professional to remove it.

If you’re in Phoenix, you can count on ClearWay Tree Services Phoenix for Cactus Removal.

After all, our top priority is your and your family’s safety and the well-being of your landscape.

Our customers consistently choose us because we have been prompt in providing service, and we make sure that we meet our customers’ expectations.

Also, we have the right equipment, skills, and training to get the job done right.

We ensure that we remove the cactus correctly so you’ll be satisfied with us.

Whether you want cactus removal, tree trimming, or tree removal, look no further.

ClearWay Tree Services Phoenix will jump straight at your house to get the job done. Call us!

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