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Tempe Tree Trimming Services

Keeping your trees trimmed is essential to make the trees look good and enhance the appearance of your property.

Whether you need it for safety or aesthetic reasons, proper tree trimming is essential to preserve the tree’s condition.

If the branches die, suffer from the disease, or grow too large, they are at risk of falling that could cause injury to people or damage to your home, vehicle, and property.

With all these possibilities, you should check your tree regularly to see if it needs Tempe tree trimming.

Tree Trimming Benefits

Trimming is the best way you can do to take care of your tree.

Proper trimming can be an investment for the long-term health of your tree.

It could also improve the overall look and safety of your lawn.

Furthermore, these are the benefits when you get to trim your trees:

  1. Dead, damaged, and broken branches are gone for good.
  2. It saves your property from damage coming from fallen branches.
  3. It gives trees the sunlight it deserves to encourage healthy growth by removing the old branches.
  4. It prevents branches from hanging over the roof or power lines.
  5. It elevates the look of your tree, making it appear clean and polished.
  6. It provides a good foundation to the tree leading to a long life.

Tree Trimming Tips and Techniques

There are tools, equipment, and techniques when trimming the trees correctly.

In this way, the cutting process will be successful according to your desired results.

If you want to have a successful result from trimming your tree, follow these tips:

  • Keep the foliage for up to 25% and greater
  • Avoid taking a trimming job when you’re within 10 feet of a power line
  • Allow side branches to grow from different angles that are approximately 30% vertical
  • Sharpen your tools before the trimming process. You don’t want to destroy the trees with dull equipment.
  • If the canopy is very dense, trim it to allow air and sunlight to prevent tree decay
  • Reduce the number of branches growing at the top of the tree to keep a solid tree structure.
  • Cut limbs that extend over a garage or walkway to prevent storm hazards
  • Trim your trees in late fall through winter since it is easy to cut dormant leaves than blooming ones.
  • Avoid wound dressing around the tree as it could slow the healing process
  • For more information, watch this video for professional tree trimming advice.

Hence it’s essential to find a reliable tree service in Phoenix that understands the need for proper care for your tree.

If you need a Tempe tree trimming, call ClearWay Tree Services Phoenix.

Tell-tale Signs You Need a Local Tree Trimming

Now you know what to do, make sure these signs are evident in your trees before you do the trimming project:

Broken Branches

Broken and splintering branches need to be trimmed as soon as possible.

If they are left unaddressed, they could pose a hazard to your property and the people passing by.

We don’t want a branch to fall that could hurt our loved ones or damage the property.

Once you notice them in your tree, cut them right away.

Diseased Limbs

Trees can suffer from diseases and illnesses due to many factors.

Once you notice health issues in your tree, it’s a sure sign that it needs pruning or trimming.

Trimming the affected areas will prevent the spread of the disease that could potentially kill your tree.

We don’t want to reach the point that you require a tree removal service.

All we want is to prevent killing the tree.

Hence, catch the diseased limbs and branches right away.

If you don’t act fast, the disease could spread to the rest of the tree.

Branches Hovering Over Power Lines

Another sure to trim your tree is if the branches are growing close or over the power lines.

When this happens, it could be hazardous that it needs a professional to inspect the problem.

While it’s safe to handle branches when trimming, the case is entirely different when it comes to taking branches near the power lines.

Whether the branches are small or big, leaving the trimming to us is essential, especially if they’re over the power lines.

Our arborists consider a lot of factors when it comes to this dangerous job.

Leave us the Trimming for your Trees!

Despite knowing the benefits, techniques, and best time to trim, it’s still essential to leave the job to ClearWay Tree Services Phoenix.

Our years of experience in Tempe Tree Trimming allow us to be capable of handling different cases.

After all, there are many reasons why you should trim your tree.

Fortunately, we know how to deal with different problems when it comes to trees.

Hence, leave us the job!

For tree removal service and tree trimming, contact us!

We’re thrilled to hear from you!

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