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Did you know that having trees in your area helps you live longer and happier?

Nature, after all, triggers relaxation despite living in a town such as Gilbert.

In fact, living near trees provides many benefits, such as providing ample shade and enough sunlight.

They’re also beautiful to look at when they change color from spring to autumn.

Despite how functional and visually appealing the trees are, they require care and maintenance.

If you live in a landscaping front or living near the woods, you should trim your trees.

Trimming is the best way to take care of your trees.

If left uncared, trees could cause hazards.

Therefore, here are the signs when you need a Gilbert Tree Trimming.

Read more below.

Damaged or Broken Branches

This is the first sign to spot when it’s time to trim or prune your tree.

Seeing broken, splintering and bowing branches should prompt you to cut them.

The reason is, once the branches weaken and break, they can be hazardous.

These branches will fall anytime onto your loved one, visitor, or yourself.

Broken or splintering branches are not easy to notice.

Hence, make sure to check around your property regularly, especially after a storm.

Deformed Trees

A growing tree can be admirable to look at, however not all growth is good.

If the trees grow in the wrong way or direction, it means you have a distorted or deformed tree.

In fact, due to the uneven weight distribution of the leaves and branches of a tree, a misshapen tree can lead to property damage.

It could fall anytime, which can be hazardous if someone is on the way when it happens.

Since tree trimming encourages new growth, you need to regularly do it, similar to this video,

Also, it’s never wrong to make your tree aesthetically pleasing.

Dead Limbs

Dead limbs usually happen when your tree has health issues.

If you spot dead limbs in your tree, it’s a sure sign that it needs tree trimming.

If you don’t prune once there are dead limbs; the disease could spread rapidly, leading to the tree’s death.

In this case, you need a tree removal from a professional arborist such as ClearWay Tree Services Phoenix.

Fortunately, not all trees die from diseases, but some do have pest issues.

When there are pest issues, you can immediately spot them when your tree has deadwood.

Ensure to remove the deadwood and dying limbs to keep your tree healthy.

Branches Growing Near Power Lines

Another factor to determine if your tree needs trimming is if it grows close or over the top of the power lines.

This is extremely dangerous since it causes a threat to nearby houses and buildings.

While it is easy to handle smaller branches near power lines, it’s better to leave the job to professional arborists if the branches are bigger.

Because of this, you need to have your tree inspected by a professional to keep your property and nearby houses safe.

Trees Affected By Storm

Trees are strong, but the branches can be easily affected by storms, heavy rains, and harsh winds.

If you’re experiencing wind storms or heavy rains lately in Gilbert, you should take a look at your tree.

In fact, storms can cause your branches to get broken and splintered.

If they are left as it is, it can pose a threat to you, your loved one, and your property.

Because of this, it’s essential to rely on tree trimming from ClearWay Tree Services Phoenix.

We offer top-notch services and guaranteed results to make your trees look good and healthy.

Call us for a Gilbert tree trimming!

Let Us Inspect and Trim Your Tree!

Maintenance and keeping an eye on your tree regularly are some things to do on your part.

In this way, you can quickly act if you detect some of the issues above are evident in your tree.

It’s a good idea to avail local tree trimming service in Gilbert so that the experts can inspect and discover the weaknesses and diseases found on the tree.

After inspection, they can recommend if you need a tree trimming or a tree removal service.

If you’re in Gilbert, don’t hesitate to avail our tree service in Phoenix.

Call us to get a Gilbert tree trimming because your tree deserves the care it needs!

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