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People doing Mesa tree trimming have different approaches.

Some use the opportunity to use a chainsaw.

They go for a full speed to hack the tree down to a nub.

Others delicately remove the branches piece by piece to ensure that the result of the pruning is good.

Of course, everyone seems to have their own expert opinions, as shown in this video, when it comes to the best trimming practices.

However, the best methods are done by professional arborists.

If you need tree trimming, you’re in the right place.

We will cover why you need it in the first place and when to call ClearWay Tree Services Phoenix for a local tree trimming.

The Importance of Tree Trimming

There’s no doubt that proper trimming provides benefits for the trees and homeowners alike.

It could pave the way for pedestrians and vehicles, provide a better view and safe environment.

Moreover, professional tree trimming can make trees sturdy, reducing the likelihood of breaking and falling off branches, leading to property damage or injury.

In addition, it can make trees healthier as it reduces the chances of them dying, which could prompt to tree removal.

Signs You Need a Local Tree Trimming

Before you head on and call an arborist for tree trimming, make sure to inspect your tree.

In this way, you’ll know if your tree is qualified for trimming.

These are the signs to check if your need needs trimming:

  1. The tree has signs of diseases

If a tree shows signs of diseases, you need to remove the affected areas as much as possible.

Diseases can quickly spread on the branches and affect the neighboring trees, weakening and killing them.

If you want to know if your tree has a disease, it’s easy to spot.

Besides, diseases can manifest themselves in a tree. However, the symptoms may vary.

Because of this, make sure to inspect the leaves for discoloration and if they are falling prematurely.

Also, check to see if there is a fungal growth in the tree.

Once a fungus develops, you can see lesions on the leaves or a white-colored fungal growth similar to powdery mildew.

Other signs of tree disease are blisters and spots on the leaves.

This happens because the oxygen and nutrient cannot circulate through the leaves.

Once you spot these signs on your tree, it’s important to prune them away.

In this way, you’ll stop it from propagating throughout the tree and to its neighboring trees.

Also, pruning the affected areas will prevent the tree from becoming weak and brittle, leading to potential dangers and injuries.

  1. Tree has damage

The disease may prompt you to trim a tree; however, sometimes, a tree damages due to other stressors.

These stressors, such as storms or animals, can wound a tree, causing it to weaken.

Also, if a tree grows malformed, it could lead to falling. Some trees, such as maple and elm, can grow in strange shapes.

If you have these types of trees, or whether your tree is at the risk of falling, you need to trim it.

  1. The tree looks strange after a flood or storm.

Storm or flood could affect the health and the structural integrity of your tree.

When this happens, the damage is apparent. You can see large and hanging limbs affected by the wind.

These hanging limbs should be removed, as well as the smaller branches.

The reason is, the smaller branches could sprout more into other branches.

If these branches have diseases, to begin with, it could affect the different parts of the tree.

Thus, it could lead to a weakened tree that could fall at any time.

On the other hand, a tree might also be prone to root damage due to soaked ground.

If this is the case, you need to have a tree removal.

Allow Us to Inspect Your Tree!

Taking care of your tree, such as trimming, can keep your tree in good condition.

Especially if you cut it during winter, the job gets easier since their leaves are gone.

Hence, it makes it easier to do the job.

On the other hand, if you want to trim during spring, make sure you trim after the trees have finished flowering.

If you want a Mesa tree trimming, look no further.

We at ClearWay Tree Services Phoenix have trained and licensed arborists to do the job.

Call us now to get your tree trimmed!

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